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    Renato Guerra is a graphic artist, wordsmith & comic book maker.


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I am Renato Guerra, graphic artist working as letterer in Beren webcomic and as colorist for Zenescope´s current and past books as Cinderella, Neverland: Age of Darkness, Grimm Fairy Tales and Tales from Oz. Past works includes credits as colorist and letterer for Heavy MetalRovoltIDW Publishing, Stone Arch and Moonstone Books. In Mexico (2008), I self-publish and edit Openhaüs featuring authors as Nektarios Chrissos, Alex Massacci, Michele Buscalferri, Neal Adams and Michael Furious. From 2008 to 2011 I was Comikaze cover colorist; since 2009 I support events for schools, design conferences and workshops with talks related to sequential art theory and visual arts as

Campus Party, Universidad Iberoamericana, ITESM (Campus Laguna), Universidad VeracruzanaBarcamp , Facultad de Artes VisualesCEDIM, Arte A.C., CoworkingMtyToc TocIlustrandoPara and Graficante.


Im currently available as colorist or letterer for comic books and/or illustratordesigner for covers (book, music or comics), logos, posters (rock, tour or movie), cd/album/dvd packaging and more. Rates? please (please) describe your project and contact me via the form below…