I am Renato Guerra, graphic artist working as letterer in Beren webcomic and as colorist for Zenescope´s current and past books as Cinderella, Neverland: Age of Darkness, Grimm Fairy Tales and Tales from Oz. Past works includes credits as colorist and letterer for Heavy MetalRovoltIDW Publishing, Stone Arch and Moonstone Books. In Mexico (2008), I self-publish and edit Openhaüs featuring authors as Nektarios Chrissos, Alex Massacci, Michele Buscalferri, Neal Adams and Michael Furious. From 2008 to 2011 I was Comikaze cover colorist; since 2009 I support events for schools, design conferences and workshops with talks related to
sequential art theory and visual arts as Campus Party, Universidad Iberoamericana, ITESM (Campus Laguna), Universidad VeracruzanaBarcampFacultad de Artes VisualesCEDIM, Arte A.C., CoworkingMtyToc TocIlustrandoPara and Graficante.

Im currently available as letterer for comic books and/or illustratordesigner for covers (book, music or comics), logos, posters (rock, tour or movie), cd/album/dvd packaging and more. Rates? please (please) describe your project and contact me via the form below…

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