Renato Guerra

||| B I O

I am Renato Guerra, graphic artist, wordsmith & comic book maker who lives some times in Monterrey, some times in Mexico City and who works around the world. In last 5 years I’ve worked as comic book colorista and letterer for RovoltIDW Publishing, Stone ArchMoonstone Books for titles and characters as The Phantom, Aveon 9Buckaroo Banzai, Dungeons & Dragons, The Heap and more. In 2008 I self-publish (and edit!) Openhaüs, my first comic book anthology where I make some short comics and bring space to international authors as Nektarios Chrissos, Alex Massacci, Michele Buscalferri, Neal Adams and Michael Furious; from 2008 to 2011 I was Comikaze cover colorist; since 2009 I support events for schools, design conferences and workshops related to sequential art theory and visual arts around my country as Campus Party, Universidad Iberoamericana, ITESM (Campus Laguna), Universidad Veracruzana; also support local initiatives in Monterrey as Barcamp unconferences (Facultad de Artes VisualesCEDIM, Arte A.C.), CoworkingMtyToc Toc (a nice group of talented graphic designers who also invites me to happenings and collective art shows) and IlustrandoPara (Café Tacvba, Caifanes art shows). In 2012 I founded a matrix of fresh talents: Fixionauta, studio and workshop where we produce comics, books, t-shirts, prints, illustrations artzines and more. My current work includes workshops supervision at Protobunker, my own prose and comic book projects as Deston Danger y el Enigma del Colibrí (una historieta ergódica), a short tales collection; lettering for Beren webcomic and digital color & lettering for Zenescope.

||| H I R E  M E !
Im available as graphic artist (and designer!) for covers (book, music or comics), illustrations, posters (rock, tour or movie), cd/album/dvd packaging and comic book letterer. Rates? please contact me at: fixionauta@gmail.com… and please, please, please, describe your project (if you ask for rates) before send something.

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This site exists thanks to WordPress amazing publishing platform, Flickr to host photos and graphics and Photoshop & Dreamweaver to edit files. Im using Tracks (by Compete Themes) as current WordPress theme with some changes by me. Please keep in mind that all images and texts are © Renato Guerra (thats me!) or their respectives owners. If you want something, dont steal!! (anyway, 72dpi images look like crap in real world) instead, ask me and maybe we can reach an agreement. Thanks.