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I wrote this open letter in Flickr, probably is a good idea to copy here…

I’ve been a Flickr user since November 2004. At first, I just wanted to share photos with my classmates, but then Vidalia gives me a Pro account and business go serious (ok, not too serious). In next years I share tons of photos from my daily life, school, mates, illustration homework, sketches, my first steps trying to enter in the comic book professional bubble, my first gigs as comic book colorist and more. Back in the day, hundreds or (sometimes) thousands of views in my images make me happy. Then something slowly breaks inside me, too bad memories and no way to change username lead me to close that account. I don’t delete it, its still some where in Flickr cloud, I can’t delete scars or pain, therefore I take the decision to not delete that account. Scars helps you to remember, that’s her beauty.

Pain and loss haunts this same account, around some of this pictures. I was going to be a father… I am not. Past problems look like a very bad joke after that. Anyway, this time I don’t left this account, I don’t delete any single picture and instead I try to focus energies to a creative effort. In Febraury 2013 I start a serious effort to back to draw.

Pause. To me, Hell is something like “dedicate your entire professional life just to comic book coloring”. Comic Books are so fun to play because you can do a lot of things! Words, draw, inks, lettering, edition, design, all this and more have space in the comic book world, so, just coloring seems too boring to me. Comic books, sequential art, literature, music… are not just work or hobby to me, it’s my Life, I cant split “work” from personal life, all is the same. Thats the way I reach Hapiness and that’s why I quit my coloring work on montlhy comics.

So, I start a serious effort to draw again in 2013. For first time in years I loved to draw. That love still don’t fade away. In the meantime, I spend less and less time in Flickr and in 2015 after years of refusal, I open a Instagram account. To be fair, Instagram helps me tons to fight against Depression, I still refuse to take any medication since is not as bad as in my puberty. I dont have a lot of likes in Instagram, but that social network gives me some kind of instant gratification, which is great for Ego. I know I’m not popular, probably I will never be as popular as many of my friends who also works in comics but most of “likes” in Instagram, “favorites” in Flickr and followers in both online services are from talented people and artists that I admire and/or way beyond the comic book ratio, that’s awesome and very valuable to me, many thanks to help me to keep my sanity!

Curiously (even with Depression issues), is in 2015 when I see a clear improvement in my work and thanks to that I see a bright future in 2016 and beyond. But I want bigger images too: shared pictures from Instagram are over. I will be back to use Flickr as my main image depository.

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