The Outsider

Lettering for The Outsider, a short story with words by Homero Ríos and art by Salvador Velázquez. Published in Heavy Metal #275 (june, 2014). A very special work since almost the entirety of the issue is written and drawn by Mexican comic creators, mixing writers, artists and colorists: Alberto Calvo, Omar Estévez, FG Dr. Stain Ortíz, Abraham Martínez, MoraMike, Aburtov, Charo Solís, JAME, Bef, Axel Medellín, Santiago
Casares, Jorge F. Muñoz, R.G. Llarena, Oscar Bazal, Raúl Manríquez, Felipe Sobreiro, Enrique Puig, Mario Guevara, Emmanuel Ordáz, Homero Ríos, Salvador Velázquez and Renato Guerra (hey, that’s me!); amazing cover by José Quintero and stunning gallery by Enid Balam. I’m very proud to be part of this with some of my oldest comrades in life and comic books. Thanks.

• 16/06/2015

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