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  • Odysseus and cyclops sketches

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    On 18/04/2009 • By


    Because a lot of time has passed since my last sketchbook post. I make this just as practice, The Odyssey was one of my first and most enjoyable books. Continue Reading

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  • Male anatomy excersize

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    On 27/01/2008 • By

    Quick excersizes on male (comic-book) anatomy. Im looking for a more definited style on my artwork, Im a big fan of Salvador Larroca, Carlos Pacheco and Alan Davis but I dont want be a clone of any of them, Im just taking some elements from his works to my own drawings.




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  • First Wacom draw

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    On 29/11/2007 • By

    Heres my first draw/sketch done with a Wacom tablet, I use my Wacom for Photoshop colors (and sometimes in Illustrator), but this time I wanted to draw a little experiment just for fun. The first character who comes to my mind was an older Panthro from the Thundercats…

    Not a big deal, but hey! was my first fucking time :)

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  • Guess who??

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    On 03/10/2007 • By


    Approved sketch for magazine illustration.
    I cant said much, but guess who is the main girl in this? cĀ“mon is easy!! by the way, Im working as designer and illustrator for a new local magazine and its great!! Illustration is my hard beat and editorial design is in second place… well, design in general. I want to show you this illustration process and this is the first image. See you later, we have 98 pages to finish in 2 weeks… crazy, eh? but I love it.

    Oh! I almost forget it!! The last saturday I finish a short tale; originally titled Fixionauta (fixionaut), the final title is Destino Manifiesto.

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  • Moleskine Sketches

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    On 15/09/2007 • By

    Saint Cyclops

    I upload some sketches from my Moleskine to Flickr, you can take a look here. By the way, here two other sketches from the last days:



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